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  1. It really comes down to the concept of potential energy in thermodynamics. I.e. another definition of diabetes may be a total P.E. of sugar in the body/lb. greater than X calories. The body has torouble converting the P.E. effectively. I had an interesting experience 25 years ago in college; I ate a pizza with a lot of cheese and olive oil in the crust. With a large soda, I started urinating profusely all night. I tested my urine and saw massive sugar, and indication of Type I diabetes. However, I got back to normal by noon the next day. I think that particular combo of pizza ingredients (i.e. heavy cheese ,olive oil, and also soda) is very scary and very dangerous.

  2. Why can't American's use mmol/l now? It's a widely used measure in medicine and pharmaceuticals all around the World. (Type 1 Diabetic here. Had Diabetes for 22 years.

  3. Very interesting and well presented. BUT, and there is always a but, I think that you should mention that kale and other brassica varieties contain large amounts of vitamins A and K Which when taken in large amounts can be harmful A being fat soluble, toxicity can build and K being a clotting agent can be harmful when having to take blood thinning tablets. Please correct me if I am wrong? I particularly like the comment at 13.33 "why don`t doctors know this?" Doctors are simply pill pushers, most if not all them know nothing about nutrition. (Stated from personal experiences)

  4. Who on Earth has marked this video with a thumbs-down? This is free, interesting, and factual information, brought to us without adverts or info-mercials !! Forewarned is forearmed. This chap has posted this for our benefit, not as some a money making effort, so please "youtubers", a little respect. I'm glad Eric Berg has posted this video, I've learned some things and I can now address some matters in my life. Let's all be a little more gracious folks .... Thanks Eric :-)

  5. I enjoyed your Video. What do you think about the latest research that pinpoints diabetes is cause by the hormone amylin which can cover the cells in the pancreas and starve them of nutrients. Maybe the need is for a substance that can alter the formation of amylin in the pancreas would be helpful. I have found dark chocolate to reduce my Insulin intake by 50%. I have discussed this with the medical staff in NZ. They simply don't know the answer yet.

  6. +angel time>>>I feel worried about constantly checking blood levels being a former diabetes sufferer imagined I would undoubtedly die with diabetes>>>>

  7. At 9:00-9:35, I find that this guy was incorrect about type 2 diabetes as being a problem with the liver. It's not just the liver. And even if there's no problem with the liver, people can still have type 2 diabetes. And in most cases, the problem is the body cells like muscles cell and fats cell not capable enough to be able to respond to the insulin for the need to get sugar out of the bloodstream and to give body the energy it need. The liver does control blood sugar when you don't eat, but if the pancreas put out too much insulin which causes weight gain and the body does not respond to it, the fasting glucose will be high even if there's no problem with the liver.

  8. very good teacher

  9. Thank you so much. This is wonderfully lectured :)

  10. What if you are hypothyroid? Don't you have to be careful about consuming large amounts of vegetables such as kale?

  11. great video! helping me put the puzzle pieces together. love that feeling.

  12. What are some options besides kale that aren't goiterogenic? I did loads of kale after watching this video last year and it killed my thyroid levels. Had to go off of that family of veggies and my thyroid levels returned to normal. Thank goodness. But I'd still like to get as much potassium per day from food - aside from the fact that the supplements are only available in 99mg doses! What do you suggest?

  13. Thank you so much for this terrific breakdown of logic and simple to follow explanation of the liver and its importance. I suffered 2/3 loss of my liver in 1993 due to a parasitic invasion. I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2004 in my early 30's. I was showing all the symptoms but had no idea, I had 4 young children and figured I was just really tired, a single parent wonder woman. I love to read and mostly "brain food" reading so I went to work on learning all I could about my diabetes. I have felt all along that my liver issues of the past fed into my diabetes. My sugars rage. My mood swings are horrible, and now I am entering my menopause years.. nearing 50 years old my eyes are in dire condition. Blindness is swiftly coming upon me. Terror is strong. I am consumed by fear of not seeing the faces of those dear to me. Thanks to the aid of the internet, I am reeducating myself with a vengeance. This video is by far the best information I have seen or even read about. I have started to see the Growth and IGF Hermione's as vastly underrated in the flood of information in controlling Diabetes and working with ones body to find a balance to aid optimum health, through exercise and correct nutrition. I have also been to several vague classes that left me nearly as uninformed as when I paid to start them. A few classes and $$$ later I found myself on the hunt to much hints or edges around what you put together here so neatly. Reminds me of that saying about if its hard to explain you don't understand it well enough. You clearly do understand, and now so do I. THANK YOU!!!

  14. *>>With common medication, diabetes can not be eliminated permanently. Fortunately there's a simple way to cure diabetes naturally proven scientific>>>*

  15. Thanks doc. This is the best diabetes explained video I've ever come across.

  16. Doctor Sir, 13-02-2015 Bangalore One doubt:- Is diabetes a disease or is it a functional disorder? Please clarify for the benefit of all the readers. For example, bronchitis is a functional disorder in respiration; it is not a disease. 

  17. is this boring,,,or what,,,Id like to watch,,,,but Id rather nail my toes to the floor,,,would be less painful,,

  18. Thanks Dr.Berg. Video was very helpful to understand the basics. Could you pl inform the name of the Book u had written ? Where it's available ?

  19. Excellent Video, thanks very much as always very informative Dr Berg. xx

  20. One of the primary abnormalities one sees in type 2 diabetics is increased production of glucose by the liver. (hepatic insulin resistance) 

  21. The body processes toxins in the liver using different biochemical pathways. kale, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts contain glucosinolates and other nutrients that supports the Glutathione conjugation, the glycine conjugation and Glucuronidation detoxification pathways of ones liver. Foods that contain sulfur such as eggs, garlic and onions support the sulfation pathway of ones liver. These pathways detoxify chemicals, toxic metals, antibiotics, alcohol, caffeine, aspirin, acetaminophen, estrogen, testosterone from ones body. These pathways are supported by vitamins, minerals and specific amino acids such as zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, iron, glutathione, L-glutamine, Cysteine, and alkaline forming foods.( arginase an enzyme in the liver works best at a very alkaline or base pH of 9.5 to 9.9) The over the counter pain killer called acetaminophen is very damaging to the liver as it drops glutathione levels needed for the liver to detoxify and protect itself.

  22. Its amazing video doc. You made it so simple to understand.

  23. Once you focus on the ‘Root Cause’ of your Diabetes — *you instantly start seeing Diabetes from a different perspective* — instead of "Medication" and "fighting the symptoms," you start thinking about "Health" and treating the cause.

  24. No way this guy is an actual physician 

  25. It comes down the same things every time. Cut your carbs very low, eat your veggies get some exercise. Where is this a mystery?

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