Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont

www.tedxfremont.com Currently 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic, and one in three kids born after the year 2000 will develop diabetes. Neal …


  1. I saw his show on PBS Television several years ago. My Mom was just diagnosed with diabetes. It killed my Grandmother at the age of 57. That broke my 6 year old heart! So I turned into the food police. I monitored everything my Mom ate. I prepared all of her meals. I had to do a lot of scolding and pleading at first. The weight started melting off, her sugar normalized and the diabetes seemed to disappear. She dropped 65 five pounds in 6 months! She is 84 years old now and hasn't gained it back. Say what you want. This man helped me save my Mom's life!

  2. His arguments about human beings being natural herbivores are misleading: Stone Age began 3.4 million years ago. Back then there were no Homo Sapiens yet. We appeared as species some 200,000 years ago. By then fire has been used for at least 500,000 years (that is, well into the Stone Age). The use of stone weapons and our hability to organize as groups, allowed us to overcome our natural limitations as hunters. Fire then made food more digestable and allowed our guts and teeth to decrease in size while at the same time our brains were getting bigger, thanks too... yes: ANIMAL FATS AND PROTEINS!! Without that surplus of animal fats the human brain could not have developed so much since the brain is mostly fat and interestingly two of the crucial fatty acids that form the human brain come actually from... FISH!! So very likely our ancestors were not even hunting but fishing!! In any case, this guy is full of BS although I'm in favor of eating lots of greens too.

  3. Wow incredible presentation! As a vegan for 7 months now i completely agree with everything he just said! I feel great! And for all those people that say what he says is false and try to discredit this man ..well shame on you. Just because in the past we have been eating meat and dairy, does not make you arguments true. Yes people hunted and yes we can consume meat and dairy,but that does not make us obnivores. For example, a dog can eat an apple, but that does not make it an omnivore it is still a carnivore. So people please wake up and make the intelegent, ethical, and obvious change to veganism. Stop trying to fight it and argue. Just give it a try and go thru with it and tell me you dont feel better! I challenge all of those who discredit this mans words and just do it! For the sake of our planet please do what is right! 

  4. Humans were healthy until jokers like this fool came along. The truth is we have the digestive tract of a carnivore. I began to eat mostly meat or the Paleo way to cure myself of heart disease / diabetes. I was able to stop using insulin immediately & in four weeks my diabetes was cured & in 18 months my 60% blocked artery was cleared. The true cause of this disease is sugar not saturated fat. Whole grain cereals / complex carbohydrates are digested into glucose & will raise ones blood sugar higher & for far longer than a bowl of ice cream for example. & the truth has been known for a very long time. Price’s photographs of Aborigines on their native diets illustrate dental structures so perfect as to make the reader wonder whether these natives were wearing false teeth. But like all the other primitive groups Price studied, the Aborigines soon succumbed to rampant tooth decay and disease of every type when they adopted the “displacing foods of modern commerce” – white flour and sugar, jams, canned foods and tea. Children born to the next generation developed irregularities of the dental arches with conspicuous facial deformities – patterns that mimicked those seen in white civilizations.10 SOURCE: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/australian-aborigines-living-off-the-fat-of-the-land/ bon appétit

  5. Vegan alert! Don't bother to listen. Book after book, article after article, states that to end obesity and diabetes, you have to give up sugar and bad carbs. But if you are a vegan and you don't eat sugar and bad carbs, there's not much left to eat. So why waste your time preaching a "religion" that 99.9% of Americans cannot and will not follow. Tonight I am having a nice cheeseburger (no bun) w sautéed onions and mushrooms, a salad with a high-fat, low-carb, low-sugar dressing, and a fruit smoothie for desert. If Dr. Barnard wants to come over, I will grill him a soyburger or a tofurkey burger that he can savor.

  6. Put the bunny in front of Homo sapien 30,000 years ago. Put the bunny in front of a starving modern day man with no other prospects for food. I have not found evidence of corn fields in the pre-historical period. With all due respect, he ignores the entire field of paleolithic anthropology. We were not pathetic as hunters. We were at the top of the food chain. Just because he cannot kill a large ungulate with stone tools, doesn't mean our ancestors couldn't. It can be argued that a an all vegetable diet may be healthier (strongly debatable), but do not re-write history to prove this. Carbs are the reason we are in this mess with metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, dementia, etc. 

  7. I am diabetic type 2 . I am doing what he said in the video. Avoid all red meat and starchy food. Artificial sweetener that contain fructose and aspartame. The way to loose weight in diabetes is to avoid the food mention above. You will loose weight by not eating red meat that have hormone in them. The cattle are fed hormones to make them fat. We are eating the hormone that is fat. Diabetes is premature death if not carefully taking care of. Medical attention is needed to help your Diabetes and to live longer 

  8. LOL! Different kind of diabetes out there, he only talks about, when cells can't take up insulin, meaning insulin resistance. But the other type is, when the pancreas not making insulin or not enough. Third, is the combination of two. My co-worker was bone skinny and had diabetes a long time. So what does it mean, he should loos more weight, until the skin falls off? People assume, diabetics are all fat and eat too much meat, bacon that's why become diabetics. LOL!

  9. +TEDx Talks This is surely about Diabetes 2 ? How thoughtless to not differentiate, and not be specific in the header and video.

  10. Dragan Krstic, I've believed for a long time, (since 1996) diabetes is not a disease but simply a condition which can be reversed. But according to all the research done by all natural-health proponents everything starts with our diet. Dr. Joel Wallach in his famous talk "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" brags about curing it with two minerals, chromium and selenium. I've found out is not so easy, so simple. This guy, Neal Bernard, seems to me is a vegetarian fanatic, like I was at one point. I've watched a video probably, suggested by E. McCoy, "Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days" I believe if you want to turn it around, you have to learn all the intricacies of life. Dr. Weston Price's research from 1920s proves most of what we hear today is wrong. You have to learn how to eat more in sinc with nature. Do you eat Organic? Raw? Fermented? Or conventional, toxine-loaded, overcooked, boxed, and old? There is no silver bullet. Only the truth. But I've heard of so many miracles, I believe you can reverse it if you apply yourself and learn how to live closer to nature. Wish you the best. 

  11. Although this is pro veganism, I feel like a very good point to take away from this for anyone interested in either eating a High Fat Low Carb diet, or a High (wholefoods) Carb Low Fat diet is the body's cells cannot contain both fat & glucose (@6:48 if the cell is full of fat, glucose cannot enter it). That is probably why most people that are fat are so as a result of eating a High Fat, High Carb diet. You have to eat one or the other, but cannot eat both as it then becomes a deadly combination. For it won't use the fat as fuel in the presents of carbs, while the lack of carbs will not only burn the fat but suppress the appetite.

  12. 1 problem w/ this avoiding fat theory is that fat in and of itself does not make a person fat. Another is that our bodies NEED healthy fats in order to absorb certain nutrients. The TYPES of fat eaten are important though. Avocado, olive and coconut are good fats. Canola is a bad fat. Animal fats depend on what the animal is being given. Also, if you're going to compare westerners to the Jpns., you need to realize that there is a LOT of fatty, greasy food consumed here in Japan (have lived in Japan for years) and that many put a bit of sugar in boiled veggies and various other dishes. Also, diabetes has been rising from what it was in earlier years. Best thing parents can do to reduce diabetes risks would be to breastfeed for the first couple years and avoid fomula if it all possible (of course, you'll gradually be indroducing various solid foods while still breastfeeding). This will make for better health in many realms besides diabetes risks as well as reducing breast-cancer risks for the mother.

  13. Reverse diabetes..Go V E G A N!!!!!! I would love to become a fruit 'n nuttarian & save a load on my energy bill.

  14. Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxFremont #plantbaseddiet #diabetes

  15. This is ridiculous to even argue about. All you have to do is look at existing tribes of hunter-gatherers who DO NOT experience chronic disease, including diabetes, and look at their macros. Most of what they eat is animal fat. The energy they could get from the starch from tubers they dig up would be WAY more efficient, but they choose to spend time on meat and gathering larva, because they know instinctively that the nutrient profile is better and more beneficial. This is not to say that the other 20% aren't just as important. This is from the Wiki for Aché tribe, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ach%C3%A9_people#Food_acquisition: "Systematic recording of dietary intake while living in the forest entirely off wild foods suggests that about 80% of the energy in the diet comes from meat, 10% from palm starch and hearts, 10% from insect larva and honey, and 1% from fruits. Total energy intake is approximately 2700 kcal per person daily." That makes most of their energy from fat, because they eat the whole animal (organ meats are super-high in fat). If you're not getting at least 60% of your calories from fat, you're not thriving, and you have a good chance of getting sick from chronic disease and atherosclerosis, which is caused by inflammatory grains, vegetable oils, sugars, and too much starch in general. This is the new science, this is the old science, this will always be the science. CASE FRICKING CLOSED!!!

  16. Dr. Barnard is really inspiring. Becoming a low fat vegan has turned my life around and it is so nice to se that the message is spreading!

  17. Tasty vegan dishes low to moderate fat (not for critically ill) but for people who wish to transition over to a plant based diet and still have lots of flavor, texture and appearance to their food should check out WHY VEGAN IS THE NEW BLACK cookbook on Amazon or B&N

  18. Low carb diets are bad for your health, instead eat whole plant based foods, not processed foods, not meat and not saturated fats. Eat starchy foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes and whole grains, eat nuts, legumes and fruit. Carbs in this form are what everyone should be eating.

  19. Looking at the human body for carnivore traits (big sensitive ears, or nose, and large ripping canine teeth, etc) is an interesting concept. Might it be the case however, that we DO have a "meat-catching organ" that is different from the lion? That organ is our brain. Our brain is large and developed and capable of stalking, setting traps, ambushing and killing prey by outTHINKING it rather than by outrunning it and overpowering it.

  20. U.S.A.: #1 exporter of financial bubbles and obesity

  21. i gotta go to the bathroom. is this guy pushing fruits and vegetables? for a while now i've been pushing the masai diet. the masai are a kenyan tribe that only live on food from cattle, milk, beef, and blood. I can't get blood here in the states, so it's only milk and beef for me. The masai have an important saying, "If a man eats meat and drinks milk on the same day, he is a glutton." Hence each day I have to choose whether it shall be a milk day or a beef day. I myself always choose milk, so essentially i've been living on fluid milk products for the last six years. It has been fantastic for my health, I'm six feet, one inch, the last time I weighed I was 154 pounds, I do superbly on my annual physical. I think it's good for mental health as well because milk tastes so good and it's good to know when you drink it you're doing something healthy for yourself. I'm pushing doctors to test the fluid-milk-products diet to see if it might help with various diseases, including biggies like cancer and AIDS. Usually, I might mention, it's skim milk, which is low-fat. 

  22. If everyone could watch this video instead of their next sitcom and take the information presented to heart (they would actually laugh more), I believe it would start a national healthcare revolution.

  23. I hope someone can answer a question for me here. I've asked at a number of Dr. Barnard's videos, but no one answers. I am early or pre diabetic, whatever one wishes to call it. As long as I keep the carbs low, my blood sugars are wonderful and no meds are needed. And I check my blood sugar throughout the day to see what I eat affects my sugar and what doesn't. I want so much to go vegan, but every time I try Dr. Barnard's way of eating, I start having sugar problems. As long as I stay very low glycemic, things aren't bad..not great, but not bad. But when I start eating fruit...zoom up goes my blood sugar quickly and hangs higher for several hours. So my blood sugar is like a roller coaster ride whenever I try to go vegan unless I leave fruit totally out of the equation. Yes some fruits are worse than others, but what do I do, simply eat nothing but vegetables? That can't be very healthy. Beans do the same thing to me. And to eat a bowl of nice plain oatmeal, omg a big zoom..high and hangs high for several hours too. And also, my fasting blood sugars go up too. Usually in the 120's. Where as on the very low carb my fasting blood sugars are usually in the 80's. I feel like I am stuck forever eating low carb, animal meats, fish, etc. if I want to keep my sugar normal without meds. It is a depressing feeling. Please can anyone help me with advice. Please please

  24. nonsense!!! the complete opposite is the key! instead of proclaming fat is the cause of diabetes, ask yourself first why there's fat in the muscle in the first place. high carb diet and sedentary life are the cause, not fat. Just try the opposite, a high fat low carb diet and do some resisting training, and you'll see definite results. Low glycemic intake means less stress on the pancreas and the body overall and resistance training promote insulin sensitvity. 

  25. Go vegan but give it time I've been on it for over 3 years I know it works Once you notice that you've reached the plato you may need to tweak it some more by eliminating certain foods or lowering portions You may also start going to the gym Keep your eyes on your weight closely If you noticed that you're gaining deal with it immediately Don't smoke drink moderately and get some sleep You'll be just fine 

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