Simply Raw Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

I dedicate this to my Uncle Paul who died from diabetes two years ago on Easter day. Dr cousins is the MD in this film, I bought his book it’s a 21 day step …


  1. Update Natuaral Diabetes medacine recipie: black seed grows beta cells in the pancreas as does the herb, gymnema syvestre and no drugs in the world will do that. Beta cells are insulin producing cells. and if you add Bitter melon, bitter melon will dramatically lower blood sugar and you wont need insulin(some people have gone into low blood sugar shock from eating too much bitter melon), also add cinnamon which will increase the utilization of insulin in the body by 1,000 percent, and finally add cactus which has miraculous diabetic healing properties as well. But if you make this shake and take insulin without measuring your blood sugar you will possibly overdose on the insulin, so take this smoothie and then measure your blood sugar to prove you don't need to inject insulin Of course dietary changes are most important. Smaller meals 4-5 threw out the day inexpensive enzyme supplements that break down carbs sugars and protein discovered that the fatty acid imbalance is especially aggravated in diabetes. You need oils that heal Omegas 3 6 9 in 2:5:1 ratio. (best source hemp seeds) Quit frying foods, eat raw starches and complex carbs. Fruits and vegetables and grains and nuts, beans and legumes not processed foods that turn to sugar too fast and have no nutrients.

  2. Brittney Herrera I'm type 1 diabetic and have been off all my insulin for a month by following an alkaline diet. Dr. Robert Young flew me down to his ranch in San Diego, CA to do a testimonial on my journey of becoming free of insulin, while resetting my body back into an alkaline environment. Please check out the videos and share by going to youtube and searching "Brittney Herrera type 1 diabetic reversal" and "Dr. Young Interviews Brittney About Her Type 1 Diabetes Reversal "

  3. Who voted this down? I can only guess...pharmaceutical companies? 

  4. The drug companies are not worried. They know societies minds are already poisoned to the point where people are conditioned to think their only SAFE option is medication. To me, nothing is more ludicrous to to the rest of society, it is the norm

  5. that young punk didn't deserve to go to this program, what a waste, my mother who has no control of her blood sugar would have profited from being there instead of that fucking retard,he wasted all that great medical advise and exposure they should charge him full price for wasting their time ,pathetic loser

  6. i wanna get rid of it 2

  7. +Smitha Bella Something that wouId eventually lead to the discovery of the natural, and clinically proven method for permanently reversing even the worst cases of type II diabetes that I want to telI you about today ==>>

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  9. Kirt (black guy) is actually a doctor now.

  10. what an inspirational video, I am a type2 and on medication Diabex 1000mg at night and Diabex 500mg in the morning. Insulin I take 3 different typs of Insulin per day1) Lanstus 60units once a day, 2) Byetta 10units taken half hour before breakfast and Dinner then 60units Novomix after a breakfast and dinner. 3 weeks ago my specialist said I may need to have a Gastro Bypass...well I thought to myself ...I can do this...and I have just this week started on my raw food journey, and I am loving it, my blood sugar level always hovered around 25+ this week my levels have dropped to 6.5 and my blood pressure has improved....and now just seeing all you wonderful people struggling and over coming your diabetes has given me hope...godbless and thank you...

  11. This video is sooo inspiring!! I want to seriously give up the sugar, meat (except fish), breads and eat more raw. This is such an awesome video to inspire me to make some changes in my life!! I need to lose 100 lbs and I am always tired. I hope some changes in my diet will help me lose weight and improve my health!! When I was pregnant with my son, I was gestational diabetic so that scares me today because if I don't make some changes, I may become diabetic. I need to get this book and get some recipes to make healthier meals!!

  12. There is a Diabetes guide that goes well with this video on

  13. +Emerald907>>Your Way to Reverse Diabetes Today reveals not just to relieve, but not cure diabetes forever without insulin, glucose-lowering drugs, or invasive treatments>>>

  14. Thank you for the video but i don't think that a simply raw reversing diabetes can really work. i think that the best way to reverse diabetes is to get a full diabetes reverse program such as Dr Evans program. I heard that it's highly recommended by experts .

  15. ... im doing a 30 day juicing challenge and raw food eating challenge January 2 to clear up my skin,grow my hair and lose weight so join me @

  16. 39:22 Polly wanna cracker LOL. Unbelievable that the guy walked away after they got him off all his medds & he hadn't been off meds in 10 yrs. He could have gone for walks to take his mind off his situation & improved his health & endurance that way anyway. Some people aren't willing to do what it takes to win. I don't think the 1 beer day really hurt the guy. Sometimes you gotta take a day off but don't overdo it & make it a lifestyle. "I'm off my insulin..." "You know, you should see a Dr when you get home." No, I'm off my insulin because I don't need it.

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  18. the *how* isn't complicated...just eat plant-derived non-processed food the *why* (health) should be very compelling, but surprisingly, the why is not as compelling as the *why not* (peer pressure, changing habits, etc.) it seems we'd rather die than not fit in, and/or to bother to change......indeed, we need to embrace just how much we are social animals, creatures of habit, and how we have settled for mediocracy (as in: change, get healthy, and do what?)....rather eat BBQ with friends and get a quick little high from processed foods than risk ostracization, medicate with processed food, and settle for lukewarm embrace of mediocracy

  19. Really cool info. especially how much protein, vitamins and minerals and vital nutrients we lose by cooking food. Nice! :) Thank you for the video. :)

  20. lt’s about what YOU want. You want to stop spending a fortune on doctors’ visits and damaging medications.

  21. *Something that wouId eventually lead to the discovery of the natural, and clinically proven method for permanently reversing even the worst cases of type II diabetes that I want to telI you about today*

  22. *Something that wouId eventually lead to the discovery of the natural, and clinically proven method for permanently reversing even the worst cases of type II diabetes that I want to telI you about today*

  23. I have some program and reverse diabetes in 3 days *CHECK MY REPLY FOR HOW?* .

  24. Thank you for your information. I've learned to do so.

  25. *I have some program and reverse diabetes in 3 days CHECK MY REPLY FOR HOW?.*

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