Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus

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  1. thank you for this amazing lecture

  2. i'm taking patho right now for nursing school and my professor is very good, but you and your videos are the best !!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 


  4. Great video!!! Highly recommended along with his other videos to medics. 

  5. Great work indeed. Thanks for sharing. Need of the hour as diabetis is increasing like anything now in India.

  6. Very clearly explained on how compications occur and what goes on.. SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  7. Ketones not usually produced in HHS please Explain why?

  8. good information, may I embed this video to my blog?

  9. I watch video about pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus. Pathophysiology of Diabetes Mellitus The author is talking about types of diabetes mellitus which are type 1 when the beta cells in pancreas are completely destroyed by virus (immune disease) so, there is loss of insulin production and the second is type 2 which is inulin resistance and its occur when there is dysfunction in cells not in beta cells of pancreas and this is occur because of high level triglyceride (fat) in the circulation so, the glucose is high in the blood so, high insulin production and then after years it burns out and diabetes occur. The author is talking about one of diabetes complication which is Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) and its occurs when the glucose increase and the insulin decrease and this occur if there is infection or the patient dos not take the insulin so, the cells use the proteins and fats to produce he energy instead of glucose which then produce dangerous end product and very harmful for the body. the last thing the author is talking about long term effect of Diabetes Millets if it is not control. the hyperglycemia cause inflammation which affect the heart, eyes,kidnyes and arteries. in my opinion, the diabetic patient should control his or her blood glucose by take the medication every day and do exercise in order to control the blood glucose. Also, he or she should make regular diet with low sugar and carbohydrate. 

  10. Finally Its clear! Thank you

  11. Hi Dr. Wolf, These videos are so helpful! I am trying to get ready for my final in Patho and can't figure out what pathway is activated in the kidneys to increase urine and excrete the additional serum K+ during DKA? Is it the RAAS? Thank you!

  12. Hi thanks a lot. Can I ask are the neurological complications eg sensory loss in the feet die to reduce BS to nerves and they die? Thanks

  13. Where is the next lecture after this?

  14. Excellent tutorial, as always. Now, what I REALLY need is a tutorial on how to motivate my middle aged patients to eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, quit smoking, pursue fulfilling hobbies, engage in meaningful relationships, get quality sleep, and take their damn meds as directed. The first person to cure the problem of patient compliance will win a Nobel prize and be showered with so much money that the accountants will have to learn scientific notation just to keep track of it all.

  15. And there is poorly understood conditions,even poorly addressed underlying systemic fungal infections which hijack the immune systems producing plaques that block and gum up the body and its structures; the skin, organs and liver, in part, producing an inflammatory reaction the body tries to fix. Many fungus grow undetected or unrecognized, growing under the skin, masked by the color of the blood and the inflammation process using the fatty acids, causing obesity in part, in the infection trying to hide and protect itself. These fungal conditions are often seen as part of the body, being responsible for tough feet and rugged hands and face, seen as we get older. Its progressive attacks in its way, produces signs, of symmetrical patterns in the skin and are like unto five leaf daisy's, where out of its center it reproduces, producing the red fluid being in part blood mixed with its part, having a histamine response, producing inflammation and mild burning, causing an itch as it multiplies. It later causes many symptoms collectively, including burning painful feet and hands, head ache, effecting the eyes, sneezing and a light pinkish velvety rash. It's symptoms are vague and mild at first, seeming like allergies, producing little fever, clogging up the micro vessels and tissue with whitish yellow fatty plaque in the tissue as it forms, which goes through out the body system, even in the heart and the arteries, being an inflammatory agent in the body. It is largely untreated systemically unless it is symptomatic addressed by doctors who are in the spirit to recognize it, in truth; It is seen in immune compromised and the poor, treating its symptoms, in part, topically, like skin out breaks, often labeled as other conditions; where fear and doubt hinders treatment because of cost, or it being unrecognized, even by policy, because of fear and dangers of treating with antifungals later, when it has clogged the liver. Its seems to be in the order of the structures of histoplasmosis or related strains. Ironically it's patterns appears to be the fungus that grows on Peaches, where its flower like patterns and the way it reproduces from the center of it, is seen. It continues to grow as a chain, forming larger circular patterns growing on the underside of the skin, not on top like that of ring worm or other topical fungal infections. It is masked by inflammation and the subtle swelling hiding it, as to be largely unrecognized as a threat, where many live their lives without many symptoms, in it being common, save those who appear to be more susceptible in certain strains, with the diet being a factor. It mimics many other conditions, even mosquito bites in it way of being, and even having the appearance of the red line of sepsis as the fluid released in propagation subtly erodes its way through the skin structures to then fade as bite like bumps appear along the line, as a new flower like clusters grow, in the itching of the immune response. So it hides producing little symptoms, until it flares up, following in part the outer surfaces of veins and arteries. It causes headaches, in that of the skin and the internal skin like structures of the head. When exposed to spores of another, its sexual counterpart, like in peach season, it blooms to begin reproducing, causing annoying allergy symptoms in its subtly, where we treat it as allergies. It is responsible for many of the symptoms and conditions as we age, leaving its mark of thinness skin in older people. It later effects the gut in irritable bowl and in other organs with its mild vague pain at first, even worse in that of a more virulent strains. In part, it blocks vessels and arteries in part, redirecting circulation for its own purpose, where the sticky plaque prevents the full vascularization process causing lack of hair growth, subtly effecting the lungs, causing tiredness and yarning. For me it has took its toll, being well formed and deeply rooted, clogging my liver and body with plaque and inflammation, having had caused meningitis headache, and the out break of the rash, 3 months before; where I saw the flowerlike circular patterns on the skin and beard, recognizing the scaring in gray hair, in treatment. I am responding well, in the headaches having gone away and most of the burning sensation, even in hair regrowth on the arms and legs as the swelling and plaque has gone away, even the pitting edema in my legs, the redness and swelling in the feet and ankles, the red beer drinkers rash have gone for the most part, after 1 month of treatment, save the few areas more deeply rooted, remaining under the skin in palms the and soles of the feet still producing the red burning fluid, in part. It was thought I had diabetes because of the swelling and redness and burning in my feet, but levels were within normal limits. The Gaul bladder was clogged and so removed, with the liver being clogged and swollen and has since has returned to normal size and function with antifungal treatment. I lost about 20 pounds in a months, as the swelling and edema has gone, where it, being all over the body in its subtly, appeared to be fat, but in truth was that of process of the underlying condition, healing in the removal of that which gummed up the body, producing a very sticky gummy stool at first, being that of the remains of the plaque, produced in error, made up of fatty acids and that of complex molecules of corn syrup, carbohydrates and food components, and the fungal parts being of plant like components in the processes of DNA, in its merging with that of another, that of the host, of its structures, being of the elements of the human body, all of which comes from the elements of the earth. So it is one of those things being mistaken or unrecognized, difficult to pinpoint, which affects some more than others, in that of the way of the world. And like that of the unseen "spirits of being" of the world, not being addressed, going unnoticed in part, in the lack of understanding of our ways, like that of fear, doubt and pride, in its effect, hindering us from benefitting of the way of truth. In our recognizing the truth of our errors of spirit, we see error causes suffering and death and lack of prosperity and health, even as that which is hidden or unaddressed rises to humble us in the truth of our error, seen in the acts of denial in terrorism, or in error suffering in austerity, poverty and hunger because of the error of the spirits of man; where its seen in that of those who respond to our spirits of denial and error, later humbled to the truth in sacrificing and suffering in war afterwards in the loss. And so we suffer in the ways of the world, both spiritually and physically, in part, in the truth going unrecognized as to the way of preserving life in love, because of the spirits of fear, doubt and pride, in not going the way of love, seen in Jesus. Wow!

  16. this might be a dumb question, but what are bg's?

  17. I'll take the survey if you are still in need of participants - the pop-up at the end of the video does not open a URL for some reason.

  18. excellent!

  19. Apparently, animation is too difficult for pharmacy school professors. Wish you would have taught our class! Diabetes does not have to be so difficult.

  20. I was 8 when i got diabetes type 1 i am now 12 sometimes i have a really hard time living with i but it allways goes fine :)

  21. Just wanted to say I love these videos, they are so helpful to me as I go through nursing school!

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  23. Mr. Wolf great lecture and explanation for the DM.. Plus the expected outcomes of both are an added bonus!! Cellular K and serum differences are awesome!! Thank you

  24. Excellent, thank you...

  25. nice lecture, easy to understand, thank you

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