• John Bergman

    How to Heal from Diabetes
    Diabetes is a man-made disease. We created it, so we can reverse it. Stop
    eating processed and genetically modified foods. Eat a plant based diet.
    Drink more water. Exercise and meditate everyday.

  • Chaz Tagg

    How to Heal from Diabetes
    Diabetes is a man-made disease. We created it, so we can reverse it. Stop
    eating processed and genetically modified foods. Eat a plant based diet.
    Drink more water. Exercise and meditate everyday.

  • breyercss horselover

    So what is the diet how should we eat? I hope you say farm raised beef and
    pork :-)

  • Nathan Tebeck

    Good vid doc! I just had a pregnant client come in yesterday telling me her
    doctor diagnosed her with gestational diabetes and recommended her to a
    dietitian! I warned her against that since I know they will be recommending
    that she eat grains and complex carbs, so I was hoping you would upload a
    more in depth video on diabetes. This is perfect! Thanks

  • Roxie girl

    wish this video would of given more details about the actual cure…. 

  • Sourpuss Candy

    please explain to me why the body would STORE TOXINS IN FAT rather than
    expell the toxins, ie feces and urine? What kind of whacked out system
    would think storing toxins is the answer? not what I would call intelligent
    design…. ha ha

  • youaintneverlied

    Thank you for the information. 

  • Donny Richard

    30 – 45 days
    OMG give me instructions

  • Curt Wrigley

    Mr Bergman just lost all credibility. You said multiple times that Type II
    can be reversed or cured. One slide said 100% of type 2 is curable. I ask
    that you produce a single documented case of Type II diabetes being cured.
    It will be the first one ever seen.

    Your advice of proper eating and exercise is all very good, and will in
    many cases manage the symptoms and complications of diabetes. This has
    been known for many years. But the disease is still very much there.
    Someone with Type II diabetes under your description of “cured” would fail
    any diabetes test because the disease is still there and their body cannot
    handle metabolizing higher sugar foods the way a person without the disease

    Managing symptoms and curing a disease are two very different things.
    You may sell a lot of books claiming this, but your integrity has been

  • nn0179

    well said doctor
    other nations are low on this. while America are high on this
    wonderful video.and i agree 110%
    there is a cure for everything!! regardless what others say.
    i think balancing the ph with organic eating is key to good health.

  • nmg70nmg

    I had type 2 diabetes and I found that it’s a combination of things. One of
    the big things I found which you don’t cover is iodine. Until the early 80s
    all flour was conditioned with iodine and for no known reason it was
    replaced with bromine. To this day they use bromine and bromine is toxic,
    yet it bounds to the same receptors as iodine in the body. There are three
    very dangerous things that attach to those receptors: bromine, chloride,
    and fluoride. I take a dropper full of iodine everyday.

    Also, your right about fats. I use ghee, butter, olive oil, sunflower oil,
    and nut oils… never margarine or canola.

    I also use lot’s of salt in cooking, but I don’t use refined processed
    salt. I buy natural salts which have trace minerals which are your
    electrolights. Since really adding those trace minerals I’ve found my need
    to eat dissipating, my body seems to have what it wanted and it wasn’t food
    per say but trace minerals. 

  • Gary Nann

    Great work doc wish I could learn the stuff you know Jedi master of health
    on skin health could you talk about skin moles how you get them please
    thank you I wish I could be there at true health Tuesdays

  • Susan Tondreau

    John is my hero!!! Keep up the great work. I’m listening and learning.
    Makes total sense.

  • wolfgangnz3

    This is by far the best explanation of diabetes that I have come across.
    Especially in terms of current definition of diabetes is that it is a
    failure to metabolise fats and oils properly.

  • Yolanda Thomas

    How to Heal from Diabetes: http://youtu.be/-g0x0m0UYw0

  • greenerpastures1000

    Excellent EXCELLENT video! Finally…the truth. 

  • Sigrid Meeresfischlein

    the key to healing diabetes is low or better no fat!

  • Sherman Perry

    Is there a way if you can to reverse the effects if your on kidney
    dialysis because I’m on it and i’m also morbidly obese and on meds 4
    diabetes and so on. I see help all over the internet 4 every disease except
    kidney disease and to help it without it being to drink your own urine or
    something crazy. Can I please get a response soon. Thanks.

  • willraven7

    Sir John, I have been told I have reactive hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar)
    now at 45yrs…Never before in my life…dizzy spells, night sweats if
    blood sugar drops below 70 etc etc…what the heck is going on, what causes
    it and how the hell do I stop it as well!!?? Thanks!!

  • Hoffman Linda

    Dr John Bergman, Thank you in name of all my friends which need these
    informations. I’m listening and learning. Makes total sense.I’m sharing
    this video on Google+ and on my Fb page “Healthy Food Recipes & Healthier
    Lifestyle – Lindy”.

  • jamie lundy

    You are fantastic and I love you 

  • sherrian white

    Great information. I have an aunt who is 58 she has diabetes for many years
    now she has been taking insulin and tablets everyday and trying to stick to
    her diet. She was about 160lbs now she is down to about 100lbs, recently
    she did some blood test only to realize that her kidneys are damaged. This
    lady drinks alot of water , could this be the cause of taking too much
    medications at once? She also has blood pressure which along with the
    diabetes is always high everytime she visits her clinic.

  • Judy Joy

    Thank you.

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