• David McIntyre

    I have been diabetic type 1 for 30 years. I recently found this
    information, and it is making all the difference in the world. I already
    reduced my need for insulin in half and keeps going down, Highrly.
    recommended. http://reversediabetenow.net 

  • Michael Crosby

    Great talk. I look forward to meeting Dr Wes. Thank you so much.

  • Save Daugunu

    Very good and helpful lecture on how to GET RID of diabetes and other
    harmful conditions that we have. A must watch and I encourage everyone to
    share it.

  • Ulises del Rosal

    Very useful and clear… Based on powerful adventist principles on
    health… It’s a Big blessing!
    Thanks from Mexico!

  • prefertoxic

    How to cure type 2 diabetes? Lose the extra bodyweight. That’s it.

  • Michael Gardner

    Where do I purchase the book? STAT!

  • Linda Fleming

    good to know this information. Doctors don’t spend very much time actually
    explaining what is going on with our bodies with Diabetes.

  • Tracey C.

    check our simply raw.

  • Ryan Harlow

    any specific suggestions for a 58 yr old male (totally healthy) but lost
    2/3 pancreas to pancreatitis and than proceeded to become diabetic? …..Im
    his son and he no longer uses insulin and has actually convinced the
    doctors to remove diabetes from his charts. This was done by a vegan diet.
    However, I am convinced that it is possible for him to live on a raw vegan
    diet and fruit based also. I just don’t know enough to even attempt to
    “experiment” much. I have heard of diabetic individuals “forcing” their
    bodies to become accustomed to heavy fruit intake after a few weeks of
    rather high blood sugar levels. Any thoughts from a medical professional
    would be excellent!

  • Jason Rasset

    This guy makes sense! 

  • play3r21x

    Hello! Have you tested – the Curesal Rapid Diabetes Reversal program (just
    GOOGLE it)? Ive heard some impressive things about it and my mate got
    brilliant progress in glucometer readings from it.

  • lynne bouwmany

    >>Get rid of diabetes now! >>>

  • Derta Lara

    +Helen Peebles l have a big *BUT* about this video. lt’s *Uploaded on Apr
    6, 2013*. MedicaI science is now more updated by this time. WeII, You See
    What I Realized ls That The Entire MedicaI Profession… Both From An
    Academic And A Corporate Standpoint… Was Pumping BiIlions Of Dollars Into
    Ways To Keep Diabetics Like You And Me On Life Support.,,

  • Nancy A Gray

    +Lesa Rossick>>>Uncovers Secret To Normalized Blood Sugar>>>>

  • Helen Peebles

    +Haguo Daean No matter if you are 8 years old or 80 years old… No matter if
    you have uncontrolled blood sugar, type 1, type 2 or even pre-diabetes. No
    matter if your doctor has told you your diabetes is permanent and
    irreversible… No matter if you’ve tried and failed with every single
    diabetes treatment or medication out there…=>>

  • Jay M

    41:20 Foods associated with health: Dark green leafy veggies, green
    veggies, colorful veggies & legumes.
    Exercise after meal. (How about before meals instead? How about fruits?)

  • Bruceann Yellowega


  • kaunas888

    Despite that fact that these diabetic cures are well known by those in the
    know, doctors rarely talk about or recommend them. And why should they?
    All the big bucks are in chronic disease that keeps on giving. There is no
    money is curing anyone, so they ignore it. Much better to treat the
    symptoms, as the patient steadily deteriorates, and the profits
    correspondingly steadily rise.

  • Derta Lara

    *I’ll expIain with a metaphor. Picture your body as a car, that was
    designed to function on all-naturaI, organic, fuel. The car is a living,
    breathing machine not unIike the human body.*

  • Heather Wilson

    Diabetes doesn’t just happen, it is the direct resuIt of a breakdown inside
    your body. We’re not paying attention to the SOURCE of our probIems and
    untiI we do, these probIems are going to continue and even get worse.

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