• Corellian Smuggler

    I’ve been type 1 for 15 years now, and whenever someone’s actually asked me
    what’s happening inside of me I sort of go ‘well, it’s difficult to
    explain’, because I haven’t really understood myself. Whenever I’ve asked a
    nurse to explain what’s actually happening I always came away feeling like
    they might as well have spoken in another language. I don’t know if it’s
    because you animated it or because you spoke simply and clearly, but
    whatever it was it’s really simplified it for me. Thank you.

  • Edward Hutchinson

    No one watching this video would understand from an evolutionary
    perspective refined carbohydrates (= glucose) are NOT the preferred fuel
    for human metabolism; dietary fat is Carbohydrate intake determines your
    body’s fat ratio, processed grains and sugars (particularly fructose) are
    responsible for the skyrocketing obesity/ diabetes rates. Carbs should be
    only 20% of diet, fats 50-70%. Recommending carbohydrates to those with
    faulty glucose metabolism = medical negligence.

  • Ohara Koson

    I am told my glucose levels are high, but my urine is consistently negative
    for any glucose. I am also overweight, and completely unable to reduce! So
    I am stuck.

  • Edward Hutchinson

    Possible you have higher than average renal threshold so glucose does not
    appear in urine until blood glucose levels are very high say above 160–180
    mg/dl. It’s also possible it’s a false negative test result. False
    negatives may happen when Specific gravity is elevated, or in uricosuria
    (uric acid in urine) where you are taking something such as ascorbic acid
    (vitamin C) to lower body Uric acid.levels.

  • Edward Hutchinson

    @I am also overweight, and completely unable to reduce! Have you tried low
    carbohydrate high fat? They seem to work best, see article “23 Studies on
    Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets – Time to Retire The Fad” KrisGunners
    AuthorityNutrition. and “13 Nutrition Lies That Made The World Sick And
    Fat” See also “WHEATBELLY,” and “Mark’sDailyApple.” “A Metabolic Paradigm
    Shift, or Why Fat is the Preferred Fuel for Human Metabolism”

  • João Jesus

    Just started my Nutrition course. Very interesting so far.
    Found a nice video explaining what Diabetes is and the difference between
    the two types of this disease.

  • José Devezas


  • Tim Leonard

    This video helps take the mystery out of diabetes

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