Diabetes Intervention – Studio C

Diabetes Intervention – Studio C. Matt’s friends confront him about his drug usage in an intervention. Subscribe to Studio C: http://www.youtube.com/user/byu…


  1. Urgent medical needs are no match for this friendly intervention. Watch the new ‪#‎StudioC‬ sketch here!

  2. For those of you who don't know, insulin is a vital protein created by your pancreas; insulin helps in breaking down carbohydrates(sugars) in your bloodstream. Having a pancreas that is incapable of creating insulin is *purely genetic*. Diabetics(people who's bodies can't create insulin) *need* insulin shots in order to *live*. Without it, they'll die.

  3. Well, Studio C is pushing it with the disease jokes, but this one was still pretty funny.

  4. Just to point out, the appendix isn't a useless organ, in fact very useful, it is a place in which the intestines good bacteria can be stored, in the situation where someone gets an infection, the good bacteria can move to the appendix to be stored until the bad bacteria is flushed from the body's system, in the instance however that the appendix receives bad bacteria as mentioned then it is at risk to infection, and can rupture, tho we can live without the appendix is is still in fact a very useful organ in the body, I like to use the example we can still live without an eye or an arm or a leg, doesn't mean we don't need it. 

  5. lol I have diabetes and and this was halarios! Though I hope my friends never do something like this to me, that would be a problem. :P

  6. I just want to say, I have type one diabetes. Was diagnosed when I was nine, on Valentine's Day 2008. And hey this was hilarious. It's not making fun of the disease. 

  7. T1D people out there(including me) I have to say this would suck if you got your insulin flushed!!!!! 

  8. From a Type 1 Diabetic, this was awesome! This is probably the first sketch I've ever seen about Diabetes that is totally respectful of it and even promotes awareness and knowledge about it! While I've never been in this particular situation, conversations like this do happen and you hit it spot on, really great guys!

  9. one of the best. and i cant wait to hear all the "i'm so offended!!" crowd start crying about this

  10. As a diabetic for 9 years now, I love this sketch so much! Thank you!

  11. While funny this disturbingly shows the danger of ignorance.

  12. Had this linked to me by a friend with T1D. I was like "omg flushed his insulin?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!". Great video to address outrageous reactions people have who do not understand diabetes in general, never mind the differences between T2 and T1. PS: There's no freaking cure. No "okra diet", no "omg click this link to cure diabetes in 12 days". Cause if there *WAS*, people wouldn't have diabetes. I'd be stuffing my face with that cure so fast... imagine how someone WITH diabetes feels having to stab themselves repeatedly and dealing with the ignorance. Bet your maple syrup butt they'd jump on a proven cure. Speaking of maple syrup, enjoy responsibly and nom on, diabetics. You know what you need to do to have a healthy lifestyle. You're in control and I <3's you all :)

  13. Listen, I love studio c and all of their sketches but this was kind of offensive. I mean i know it's a joke but you're making fun of a serious condition that effects thousands. People die from this. I am a type 1 diabetic and this just didn't feel right. i know its a silly youtube sketch but still. think about it

  14. Just going to leave this right here. =)

  15. he wore the same shirt with superman!!

  16. As a diabetic, I approve.. and laughed! ...and shared!

  17. I suffer with a severe medical condition and this makes my life lighter. Thank you Studio C.

  18. Urgent medical needs are no match for this friendly intervention. Watch the new ‪#‎StudioC‬ sketch here!

  19. I know this video is like 2 months old, but...would it be offensive to show this to my friend who has diabetes?

  20. Loved the vid! But the appendix is not a useless organ. It supports the immune system and decreases your susceptibility to disease. 

  21. It's funny when they say insulin incorrectly

  22. not funny...

  23. I find this diabetic and I am offensive

  24. I don't like sketches like this...

  25. I really like that Paris picture in the back.

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